Designing premier residential & commercial buildings in NYC.

At Whitehall Interiors, we strive to create a vision that exceeds the conventional boundaries of interior design. Our team is comprised of dedicated professionals who are committed to providing superior service to all of our clients.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of both design and construction, which allows our team to deliver timely, well targeted, and unique designs for any project.

Sara Ianniciello

Senior Associate / Director of Design

Victoria Bott

Associate / Head of Studio

Orlando Rodriguez

Associate / Head of Production

Lin Chen

Job Captain / CAD Manager

Baurzhan Kurkebyev

Graphics & Design

Ashley Marshall

Job Captain

Priya Patel

Job Captain

Janet Thai

Project Manager

Breana Imburgia

Human Resources

Maria Rango

Director of Operations

Tiffany Renelle

AP-AR Accounting Specialist

Michael Stevick

Director of Business Development

Brooke Westerlind

Executive Assistant / Marketing

We collaborate with our affiliated architecture firm, Hill West to create holistic buildings that are as thoughtfully designed on the exterior as they are on the interior.

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