Whitehall is a Manhattan-based design studio specializing in interior design, interior architecture, and custom furnishings. Our projects range from luxury multi-family residential to bespoke hospitality and commercial interiors. We strive to innovate and create unique end user experiences that inspire and maximize functional aesthetic.

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For every project, we take inspiration from contextual relevance, classic design elements, and curated materials. Bringing together aspects of modern art, design, music, fashion, and pop culture ensures every Whitehall project is equipped with a strong and compelling narrative. We strive to create a vision that exceeds the conventional boundaries of interior design.

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We take pride in our unique team structure which emphasizes collaboration and promotes cutting edge specialization. Our team is comprised of dedicated and talented professionals disciplined in both quality and craft. From setting a project’s initial visual tone in concept design to construction documentation and administration, our team deliver high quality and tailored solutions every step of the way.

We collaborate with our affiliated architecture firm, Hill West to create holistic buildings that are as thoughtfully designed on the exterior as they are on the interior.

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