Marina Yu

23 May 2023

As a Senior Designer, Marina has had extensive experience working on a variety of projects types including hotels, banks, cruise ships, retail, restaurants and private residences. She has worked with highly reputable design firms such as S. Russel Groves and Jeffrey Beers, which has helped her hone her skills in design conceptualization, space planning, material selection, and project management.

Marina‚Äôs approach to each project is centered on close collaboration with the client to ensure that their brand aligns with the design vision for the space. She believes that understanding the client’s needs, preferences, and goals is crucial to creating a space that truly reflects their brand identity and resonates with their target audience.

In her current position at Whitehall, Marina continues using her design philosophy to bring multi-family residential projects to life by working closely with clients to achieve their desired outcomes. Her expertise in multiple project types enables her to adapt to a wide range of design challenges and deliver exceptional results for many clients.