Design with distinction


Design with distinction.

Whitehall is a Manhattan-based design studio specializing in interior design, interior architecture, and custom furnishings. From luxury multi-family units to bespoke commercial and hospitality new construction and renovation projects, we are innovative tastemakers who create unique experiences designed to inspire and maximize the aesthetic and functional possibilities of each space.

We take great pride in being knowledgeable through all phases of project development. From setting a project’s initial visual tone with a strong narrative and a solid concept design, which is carried through to construction administration, our team delivers high quality and exceptional spaces for every project.


Providing clients with a premium level of creativity, thoughtfulness, and quality.

For every project, we take inspiration from contextual relevance, traditional design elements, natural materials, and living finishes as well as modern art, design, music, fashion, and pop culture, and each Whitehall project takes on an individual expression of our aesthetic. Our projects embody one-of-a-kind designs that are approachable and inviting for all end users.


Seasoned professionals knowledgeable in both design and construction.

At Whitehall Interiors, we strive to create a vision that exceeds the conventional boundaries of interior design. Our team is comprised of dedicated and talented professionals who are committed to providing superior service and attention to our clients. We have the capacity to work with clients, with both local and far-reaching properties, and utilize video and screen sharing technologies that allow real time access to project data in a collaborative setting. We have a design team to take charge of the design process every step of the way, and a production team that realize the conceptual design into thorough and detailed working drawings.

We collaborate with our affiliated architecture firm, Hill West to create holistic buildings that are as thoughtfully designed on the exterior as they are on the interior.

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