Gemma Gramercy’s lobby finishes pay a homage to the neighborhoods love of pattern and texture by furnishing the feature wall with tile in different thicknesses and arraigned in an ashlar-esque pattern. The warm hues are a tribute to the coloration that imbues the surrounding architecture. The 2nd floor lounge provides all of the creature comforts needed in the modern day, including a designated co-working area which provides structure during “Work From Home” moments, a living area, a communal table directly adjacent to a stylish kitchenette with panelized appliances & a media area with large flat screen TV, for those moments where you want to watch the big game with your inner circle.

The fitness center is located adjacent to the lounge for when your body needs self-love in the form of exercise. The 20th floor dining room provides an amenity that allows tenants to host large familial gatherings with a communal table directly adjacent to a chic Kitchenette, which connects to a large outdoor terrace complete with lounge seating below a blackened steel pergola, outdoor TV, a Kitchenette with BBQ grilles and a fireplace, which couples nicely with the spectacular views of the cityscape open-concept living rooms with a direct connection to the kitchens feature White Oak, wide plank hardwood flooring and large windows, providing a roomy feel. Kitchens boast quartz countertops and full height backsplashes which anchor the Hygge toned wood-grain cabinets and panelized appliances. Private terraces boast stunning views of the Manhattan skyline for indoor/outdoor living.